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Photographs of Selfridges Birmingham Bullring

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Holloway Circus, Birmingham, B1 1BT
Burlington Hotel 
New St, Birmingham, B2 4JQ


September 4th 2003 saw the opening of Selfridges first store in Birmingham and what a store it is! The curvaceous new store is covered with a dramatic "skin" made up of 15,000 spun aluminium disks is an indication of why the space-age structure was described as a ?sexy big giant? by the store group?s chief executive Vittorio Radice.

Selfridges Birmingham is like no other building. its three-dimensionally curvaceous form hugs the dramatic incline of the newly redeveloped bull ring site as it moves like a shimmering silver wave and drops down to St Martin?s square below. glimpsed from the train entering Birmingham new street station from the south.

Designed by architects Future Systems ( the architects behind the space-age media centre in Lords) and based their plans on a chainmail Paco Rabanne dress. The store has made the new Bullring Birmingham, a ?500 million development by The Birmingham Alliance, the envy of Europe.

Virtualbrum takook a look at the final stage of the development from all angles that can be seen from public access sites around the building. Photographs ? taken with a Fuji Finepix 2600Z with 3X zoom. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Click images to enlarge

selfridge2.jpg (12415 bytes)
Artists impression

In this first photograph taken the day before opening photograph we tried to reproduce the view in the original art impression, with the camera set at it widest angle the view of the whole building is obscured by dilapidated buildings in Digbeth. bullring 005.jpg (83054 bytes)

self_01.jpg (14673 bytes)
Artists impression

This photo was taken from the steps leading up to High Street and shows a good likeness to the artists impression on the left. openingday 034b.jpg (65059 bytes)

bridge.jpg (66581 bytes)
Artists impression

The store is linked to the Moor Street car park by an elevated walkway from the eighth floor. From the walkway there is a good view of St Martins Church to the West and the new Eastside development. openingday 003.jpg (78386 bytes)

The bridge entrance photo taken Nov 2005
bullring 026.jpg (71904 bytes) From street level the cladding of 15,000 discs starts at head height above a surrounding skirt. The discs will be cleaned once a year. There are seven entrances to the store bullring 029.jpg (64754 bytes)

sel4.jpg (77431 bytes)

On the left and below the photo is taken from Bullring Carpark. .On the right the walkway looking towards Moor Street Station.

bullring 003.jpg (70624 bytes)

sel3.jpg (87020 bytes) sel5.jpg (87050 bytes) sel6.jpg (78781 bytes)
openingday 012.jpg (76492 bytes) Photograph taken on the balcony above above the loading bay and car park entrance. 
Click here to see more inside.

Photographs below taken September 2004.

Click images to enlarge

001.jpg (108971 bytes)

003.jpg (92465 bytes)

002.jpg (77337 bytes)
006.jpg (90141 bytes) 007.JPG (61855 bytes)




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