Photographs of Birmingham the Black Country and West Midlands Past and Present

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Page last updated 10 Jun 2002


Images of Birmingham Buses
Robert DeLoyde

Untitled-3.jpg (85552 bytes)

A bus struggling to get up Hill Street




stevensonsnow.jpg (103440 bytes)

Stephenson Street
in the snow

A bus struglling to get up Pinfold St in the snow.JPG (37098 bytes)

A bus struggling to get up Pinfold Street



Snow scene New St.JPG (95657 bytes)

Snow scene in New Street

Untitled-12.jpg (98918 bytes)

Snow at Night
Looking up Temple Street

Sad or what.JPG (98145 bytes)
Snow Hill
(sad or what)


Untitled-1.jpg (88641 bytes)

The Bull Ring Bus Station

Untitled-5.jpg (55329 bytes)

In the snow looking up New Street
(I feel sorry for the Copper)

Untitled-7.jpg (98769 bytes)

Looking down New Street
Now just a memory



Broad St before the change.JPG (73620 bytes)

"Broad Street"
before the change

Untitled-9.jpg (89396 bytes) Untitled-10.jpg (62036 bytes)

"Masshouse Car Park"
Remember these single deckers



Untitled-2.jpg (72890 bytes)

"Single Decker"
at Colmore Circus

Untitled-11.jpg (70771 bytes)

"New St in the snow"
Looking toward the Town Hall

Untitled-6.jpg (62368 bytes)

"Liverpool Street Garage"



Birmingham and Midland Museum of Trasport

These photographs were contributed by local photographer  Robert DeLoyde


The photo is of St Martins Terrace, off St Lukes Road, Balsall Heath,  Birmingham, in the photo is my late mother and of me, aged 2?

Wanted  any information  on a Hugh  D`LOYDE   1860`s
anywhere in the U.K.  or any of the following D`LOYDE,  D`LOYD  DE`LOYDE,   DELLOYDE, or St Martin's Terrace Balsall Heath.
If you have anything  that be of use to  me then please let  me know   many  thanks ,

Email Robert Deloyde


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