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Search engine marketing, or SEM, typically commands the second largest share of the marketing and promotion budget of organisations. However, search engine marketing, which is also known as Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising, also generates the best return of investment on conversions. Nevertheless, the true value of SEM is only evident for certain products or services in specific marketplaces – typically, the crowded and niche markets. However, SEM can also be used to maintain visibility or launch new products or services.

Search engine marketing can help to increase revenue and improve brand recognition. Image courtesy of Pixabay

What is search engine marketing?

SEM is the placement of paid advertisements on search engine result pages (SERPs) of search engines. While there are literally hundreds of search engines available, companies and agencies usually focus just on Google, which has a 90% share of the market, and occasionally, Bing and Yahoo, which has about three-odd percent share of the market each.

The ads are served in a very simple classified format of various sizes. These ads blend naturally within the layout of the SERPs.

SEM services are often alongside other similar ones such as SEO services or Social Media Marketing management.

How does SEM work?

An effective SEM campaign requires plenty of groundwork. Some of the most common includes:

• Keyword research: This helps determine the selection of accurate keywords or key phrases in terms of appeal and cost per click.

• Target demographic: Google’s AdWords offers clients the ability to serve their ads on specific age groups, geographic locations, income level and many other criteria. As such, marketers need to identify the target market of their product to ensure their ads are served effectively and prevent any unnecessary drain on resources.

The effectiveness of any SEM campaign requires consistent review and analysis of keywords, copywriting, and many other micro elements. Hiring good and experienced marketers to lead campaigns is absolutely vital to ensure the success of campaigns.

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